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We are a Black-Owned Husband and Wife operation and Prince George’s County’s First Black-Owned Brewery. We want to do our part in one of the most affluent and predominantly African American counties to help move the needle for a more diverse representation in the craft beer sector across the country and the world. With this mindset, no matter your background, MAY THE LIQUID ALWAYS PREVAIL!


Jasmine is in the IT field as a Quality Assurance Specialist for the local online university and Andrew is a manager for a wholesale HVAC company after being in the service industry for many years. We got started on our path of brewing during the beginning of the pandemic. Jasmine was working from home, but at that time, Andrew was a general manager for a Belgian-inspired beer bar, so he was laid off at that time. To us, the pandemic was somewhat of a twisted gift because we were able to tap into many talents that we may not have previously had time for. Andrew has extensive experience in serving, selling, distributing, and presenting beer, but learning to brew it was the final bullet point on his checklist. He was graciously gifted the entire homebrew set from the family of a US Air Force veteran who recently passed. We played around with a few recipes just to get used to the equipment, shared them with friends and family and we surprisingly received positive feedback from everyone. We tried to be hard on them to be as critical as they could be since we didn't want them to be nice to us. After a while, we realized that we had a gem on our hands. With this, we decided to join together in building an empire!

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